All The Wag the Flu Actors Look Like They Came Right Out of a Hollywood Casting Call

Posted on May 03, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  As I watched this Judge Jeanine video tossing softballs at Dr. Birx I was struck with how all the characters emerging in this Wag the Flu show look like they came right out of a Hollywood casting call. Dr. Stan Monteith used to use this observation a lot. If he were still alive I’m sure he would bring this up.

The Judge’s questions were ridiculously long and confusing with lot’s of distractions going on visually.

Look at Dr. Birx’s gaze in the photo above.  This is the stare you would use when looking at someone you love.  Plus, like Bill Gates she waves her hands and arms around a lot.

Dr. Birx is sporting the motherly figure speaking to us and looking at us like a loving mother. She’s not answering Judge Jeanine’s dysfunctional questions, she’s selling vaccines to American fluoride zombies.

From decades of experience, I can only say she is very smooth in her presentation style. This isn’t easy to do and you don’t find it in just anyone. There are a hundred things coming together like a fine watch to pull off a presentation like she did here.  One point she was adamant about is we have to take the vaccine.

Bill Gates is sporting the Mr. Rogers look and wringing and waving his hands around a lot. It’s a wonderful day in the global vaccine neighborhood, won’t you be mine, won’t you be mine, won’t you be my COVID App neighbor. Tom Hanks even brought Mr. Rogers back to life so all ages are reminded that he was an icon for a trusted and lovable friend and neighbor. How convenient. Please.

Zuckerberg is sporting the Data look from Star Trek II. Handling all your “data” on FB.

The Good Doctor with good hair, good features, wisdom, years of experience.

Note to the alternative media: See if Dr. Dennis Cuddy is still available for radio interviews. That would be an interesting interview.

Dennis Cuddy Archive 2002 – 2015


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