America in Bible Prophecy | Satan’s Global Liaison

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  Keep in mind this video was made prior to President Trump taking office.  The powers-that-be exposed in this video is what President Trump is up against. He, his family, and entourage need our prayers for safety. I pray that God will dispatch mighty warrior angels to protect them and thwart any attempt on his life or Presidency. – America in Bible Prophecy

• Bible Prophecy’s Beast from the “land”
• Horns like a lamb; Speaks like a Dragon
• Deceives the entire world!
• Compels all to worship first Beast (Rome)
• Gives life to the Image of the Beast
• Satan’s New World Order . . . imminent!

In this video:
The USA in Bible Prophecy: Fulfilling Satan’s Agenda!

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