Andrew Norton Webber on the Myth of Early Death from Distilled Water

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  I’ll dubb Andrew Norton Webber the Water Ranger. He’s certainly assumed the Ambassador for Distilled Water Ministry.  What’s interesting is this video below is plagued by warning train horns and sirens which were perfect for emphasis. Tap water and bottled water is your train wreck approaching.  The siren escorts you to the conclusion.  Every time you take a drink of dirty water, hear the train horn and the siren.

However, anytime someone comes on the stage that looks too perfect for the part, like he came directly from Central Casting I have to be a bit suspicious.  His comments and rock throwing at Dr. Mercola was interesting and caused a Mr. Spock raised eyebrow.

But if distilled water helps you get a fur-head of hair like he has, I’ll try it.  : ) Another key point that caught my attention in this video was his testimonial experience from otheres about improvement of eyesight when using distilled water. He claims it purges inorganic minerals out of the body. I’ve witnessed improvement in my own eyesight in just a week of use. No fur-hairdo yet though. : )

Andrew talks about the early death hoax and how distilled water works on the body helping heal all diseases.


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