Best & Taylor Intel (12/4/2020): Chaos in Babylon — Trump Pulling a Rabbit Out of the Hat? — December Watch!

Posted on Dec 05, 2020

Trump, Biden, Rumors, Wars, Threats, Wolfman, Mothman, UFO, New World Order, Star People & More…

As we move into December, we are hearing more warnings concerning the fall of Babylon-America, but the FIST THAT HIT THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER according the Coverstone did not appear to be anything but a rigged election to bring in the Communist left. Then we have CV-19 and more lockdowns, mask mandates and rumors of mandatory tests and vaccination for something no one knows what it is. We are also seeing PUSHBACK from people who, if they do not resist, will be destroyed along with their family. Slowly it seems, people are beginning to wake up as to the fraud of both CV-19 and the election. Warnings from doctors by the hundreds are now coming out – also warnings that the testing swabs have something within them. No one knows, rumors fly. Earth Changes abound, and we all wait for the DESTROYER to be seen and more…—Stewart Best

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