Best & Taylor Intel: Beirut — TR-3B’s — “Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn” — and MUCH MORE!!​​​​​​​

Posted on Aug 09, 2020

New World Order, TR-3B’s, ARRIVAL, UFO, Aliens, Destroyer, Lockdowns, Psalm Two

Everyone by now knows about the wicked explosion that destroyed half of Beirut and now the question is, WHO DONE IT? Was it an accident, a missile, a bomb, some form of terrorist attack? In a sense it will not matter, because what really matters is the reaction of the surrounding nations and their attitude and beliefs about Israel. If they decide Israel did it, then we can expect major retaliation in the near future. Was a TR-3B involved, as there appears to be a cloaking device being used in the video and still pictures. If so, then DEEP STATE is involved and it is just another attempt to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Then we have Kissinger telling us that we need a New World Order. More UFO disclosure information with Trump and others, so the ARRIVAL must be getting close – PROJECT BLUEBEAM appears to have been verified by insiders as true. If so, this ARRIVAL will be a fake alien invasion, as suggested by Von Braun. Then we have inbounds and lockdowns again and more… —Stewart Best

You are in a PRISON and you most likely don’t even know it. The entire COSMOS is under a total LOCKDOWN, and Earth is under an evil OVERLORD. There is only ONE way out, and only ONE ISSUE to be solved. Do you know what it is? Click on the link below to find out how much trouble you are REALLY IN:


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