Best & Taylor Intel: Darkness in the Matrix — ‘Bloodhounds in the Spirit’ — Election Day Head’s Up!

Posted on Oct 18, 2020

Trump, NWO, Earth Changes, Virus, Second Wave, Lockdowns, Chaos, Revolution, Wars & More…

The Night Shadows are increasing rapidly as the communist United Nations coup goes into high gear, with fear and panic about a second deadly wave coming, for they know it is now or never, and the masses of the people are slowly becoming aware of the pandemic scam, and more and more legal resistance and suits are being filed against the leaders of the world and what they have done to their own people. Then we have warnings of a crustal shift, earthquake and volcanic activity, inbound fireballs, and more signs for the arrival of our “alien friends” who come to save us from war and mega earth changes. Then we have wars and more wars as the demons within humanity begin to surface to kill off mankind so their boss, Satan, can retake the planet for his own and more… —Stewart Best

You are in a PRISON and you most likely don’t even know it. The entire COSMOS is under a total LOCKDOWN, and Earth is under an evil OVERLORD. There is only ONE way out, and only ONE ISSUE to be solved. Do you know what it is? Click on the link below to find out how much trouble you are REALLY IN:

From 10-14-20


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