Best & Taylor Intel Review (8/14/20): Total Madness in the Matrix

Posted on Aug 15, 2020

Delusions, Deceptions and Lies in Just About Everything

So here we sit on the eve of destruction, oblivious to what is really going on as the veils thin and demonic activity increases world-wide. Then we have wars and rumors of wars as the demonic strongholds over the minds of humanity begin the process of destroying what little remains of fallen sanity and logic. The Matrix’s closing hours are now upon us, and the ARRIVAL with all of its deceptions will be turned loose upon the world for Christ rejection. Masters of Light will descend from the heavens to guide us through the fake ascension to a new enlightened human. Meanwhile the LOCKDOWN threats from unelected officials grow louder and the witchcraft spell over the world grows ever stronger as the antichrist New World Order takes shape before our eyes. Trump announces a new peace accord and calls are made that he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and more… —Stewart Best

You are in a PRISON and you most likely don’t even know it. The entire COSMOS is under a total LOCKDOWN, and Earth is under an evil OVERLORD. There is only ONE way out, and only ONE ISSUE to be solved. Do you know what it is? Click on the link below to find out how much trouble you are REALLY IN:


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