Best & Taylor Intel Update (7/29/2020): Alien Hybrid Government? — 9th of Av Watch — And Much More!

Posted on Jul 30, 2020

The US Government has released at least some information that says that UFO crash materials are UNKNOWN and that these craft are not of Earth origin, something we have known for some time – but this admission appears to be preparing the world for THE ARRIVAL of the fallen ones and the apex of the Strong Delusion because of the timing of it. The Acclimation Project has now been in operation for a long time with movies and TV shows like Ancient Aliens and others like it preparing the world for the LIE of the ARRIVAL. At the same time all of this has been going on, so have the preparations of Satan’s controllers to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER, which will most likely be a hybrid type of government and more on China, Israel and 9th of Av warnings… —Stewart Best

You are in a PRISON and you most likely don’t even know it. The entire COSMOS is under a total LOCKDOWN, and Earth is under an evil OVERLORD. There is only ONE way out, and only ONE ISSUE to be solved. Do you know what it is? Click on the link below to find out how much trouble you are REALLY IN:


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