Best & Taylor’s Intel Update: United Nations Insurgency — Heads Up for this Weekend!

Posted on Jun 04, 2020

Trump, Antifa, Russia, China, United Nations & The Big Picture

Covid-19, ruler against ruler, violence in the land, second wave, lockdowns once again, cities burn, economic ruin and the United Nations’ goal to have “peace-keepers” on the streets of America draws ever closer. How easy it was to lockdown the cities of America with a fake CV-19 panic satanic spell cast over the world and America. The American people gave up their rights, their freedoms, liberties and everything they own over to panic and fear instigated by Deep State UN forces bent upon taking America down. You are watching a coordinated attack upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights, taken away in a moment of time. The cities burn and soon Americans will burn as well. Violence in the land, rulers against rulers and so it goes. The 4th Beast of Daniel is RISING, WAKE UP, KNOW YOUR REAL ENEMY…—Stewart Best


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