Biblical Intelligence & Prophecy – Best of for Week Ending 02/03/17 – The Paul McGuire Report

Posted on Feb 04, 2017

America 2017: A Spiritual State of Emergency – Part 1

America 2017: A Spiritual State of Emergency – Part 2

America 2017: The Tipping Point – Part 3

Paul McGuire takes a strong stand for the Truth of God’s Word with a warning against apostasy, staying in apostate churches and how revival cannot begin in America without repentance! Paul needs your prayers and financial support to continue to preach this message, call the church to repentance, stand for the Word of God, win souls to Jesus Christ and call for revival in America before it is too late! He needs your prayers and help at the most critical hour in our nations history to communicate the message that if we repent and cry out to God for Biblical revival, God may spare our nation from the judgment that is coming! If we obey the Lord now, we can have real hope for our future and our children’s future.


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