Brenda Weltner: The Book of Revelation, Counting Days, Telling the Story!

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I don’t know if Brenda Weltner is correct in her research and conclusions. Many have come before her with the same enthusiasm and heartfelt faith in their calculations. It’s just interesting conjecture in light of her information about an asteroid strike in September and possible Israel war and Steven Ben-Nun’s recent intelligence sources about an asteroid and war between Israel and Iran. So I have 2 sources lining up and we only have less than 2 months to determine if she is wrong. If there’s no asteroid and war in Israel in September then she says to just throw out all of her work as incorrect. She claims there are no other dates that work.

My ‘3 minute elevator speech’ on Revelation! Intro to timelines!

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Counting Days, Telling the Story of Revelation (Part 3)


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