Brenda Weltner: The Destruction of the NWO by 4/2021

Posted on Aug 16, 2020

How does the NWO fit into the end times and the reign of the Beast/antichrist? Watch!

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Brenda claims the Antichrist destroys the NWO by April 2021. The earth dwellers love him for it. So the Antichrist destroys all these guys below and their NWO system. Their days are numbered if Brenda Weltner is correct. They’re nothing more than useful idiots who get double-crossed by their guy in the end.

This makes perfect sense. Kill all those who brought you to power because they can’t be trusted. Bring in all the corrupt spiritual leaders, politicians, bankers and billionaires and exterminate them. This is kind of the Putin power play, takeover and exterminate all the oligarchs and claim their wealth and become THE wealthiest man on earth. Then everyone loves the Antichrist as a false new age Christ figure; for a while.

And they believed we were the useful idiots. Surprise surprise, double crossed by the father of lies, the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. And the earth dwellers will believe they all had it coming. Fascinating.


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