CERN, Dark Matter, Blatant 666 Sign, Portals, the god Shiva, and What To Expect Next

Posted on May 16, 2015

EZ Diet Ncern logoote:  I just discovered, or saw for the first time the CERN logo today and was surprised to see a blatant 666 image.

Regarding this Paul Begley YouTube video interviewing Mike from around the world. I’ve listened to it several times. It’s been on YouTube for a month. The quality of the sound is terrible, “Mike” from around the world sounds like he’s speaking from the bottom of a can, his breathing into the phone gives us an endless Darth Vader sound. To make it worse Paul Begley interrupts him over and over and over, which is very frustrating. However, the information from Mike is fascinating.  I have no idea if he is genuine or elaborate disinformation. Listen with disCERNment. But I’m conCERNed because of all the satanic symbolism, and what appears to be a multi-billion dollar high-tech Ouija Board in the hands of madmen. I wonder where the “CERN” acronym came from?


Excerpt from:

CERN welcomes the goddess of death on Friday the 13th

To pile on more odd symbolism, in 2004 the Indian government unveiled a gift-statue of Shiva that is now featured at CERN:

CERN-Shiva-statueWhile many might not think twice about it, the Shiva is in fact the goddess of creation, death and destruction. When Shiva is mating with his consort, Kali, they are depicted as a beast of destruction and a time of death. Note they combine like Voltron during Tantric sex- something Aleister Crowley and other occultists practiced.

Of course there’s also a slew of other symbols affixed to Shiva that we’ve seen many times before in Illuminati symbolism. This includes the moon, trident, All Seeing Eye, serpents, and the blue throat (a concept I explained to you in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC when I talked about Jay-Z’s occult background).




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