“We’re all self made but only the successful will admit it.” Earl Nightingale

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Sep 25, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  This was recorded 50 to 60 years ago.  Multiply Earl Nightingale’s annual income comparisons by at least 10 ($6,000 year X 10 = $60,000). This is how much the dollar has devalued since this recording was made.

The first notable quote:  “We’re all self made but only the successful will admit it. “

I discovered another gold nugget of knowledge at a little after 5 minutes in this audio. It resonated deep within me from experience. It’s how Earl Nightingale responds to someone with wrong thinking, or a deceived American.   A cab driver commented that wealthy Americans are all crooks. Here are my notes on Earl Nightingale’s response:

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel like I was entitled to advise him, or straighten out his thinking. This is a free country and as long as he doesn’t hurt others he has the inalienable right to be as wrong as he wants to be.”  Earl Nightingale

Followed by this quote by Thomas R. Lounsbury, an American scholar and educator:

“We must view with profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge.”

I don’t know why I bust out laughing every time I hear or read this. It’s so true and odd or ridiculous that it’s funny. I still smile when I think about it.  It’s like the discovery of the funniest word….Soupacoopie.

Nightingale offers brilliant reasoning why some thrive while others become complacent. Of course, we all know there are social constructs and systematic variables that heavily influence a person’s chance to become wealthy. However, there is something to be said for those who persevere with determination and faith through life’s most difficult situations.

There is something special about the person who can dream for a better life AND create a plan of action AND do the work AND stay focused with unwavering commitment and fortitude. How can we move our own mindset to reject mediocre living and demand extraordinary life? How can we be consistently successful?

More on Earl Nightingale, visit his website: http://www.earlnightingale.com/ All credit to original copyrights, I do not own the content in this video

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