Coconut oil, miraculous brain healing abilities CBN special report.

Posted on Jul 07, 2017

This is the follow up report to the miraculous healing abilities of coconut oil. It is being used to treat diabetes, prevent cold and flu, fighting off viruses and bacterial attacks and many neurological and neurodegenerative disorders such as parkison’s disease, ALS, Epilepsy, alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, dementia and autism.


EZ Diet Note: Get the best deal at Costco on Coconut Oil.

I add Coconut Oil to lightly toasted Ezekiel Bread liberally in the morning. The heat from the toast melts it like butter. Add a sugar free jelly, jam, or apple butter and you hardly notice it.

I like Pat Robertson’s idea about making grilled cheese  sandwiches with coconut oil instead of butter. I would suggest Ezekiel Bread Low Sodium or the Sesame Seed Ezekiel Bread and a raw organic cheese.

Do not nuke it in a microwave and drink it in a shot glass as suggested by the CBN reporter.  I would be inclined to believe a microwave would probably destroy the health benefits and even convert it to a carcinogen.

Add it to something warm. Or cook and stir fry with it. I use a coconut spray for eggs, vegetables and meat in a frying pan. I use it to spray cooking sheets, and  almond meal and date crust before I bake it a few minutes.


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