launched: Hardcore news site documents the rapid decline of economies, nations and our plundered planet

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

(NaturalNews) When I first saw the logo for, I almost fell out of my chair. This logo boldly captures the history of the collapse of the American empire, depicting false flags, central banks, radiation pollution, economic turmoil, currency wars and much more… all in a single logo.

Wow. It’s psychologically hard-hitting… especially if you know the REAL history of world events. (Read books by Jim Marrs to find out why…) is our newest partner content site is one of our new independently owned and operated “partner sites,” and it’s the new authoritative website documenting and detailing the massive global collapse now underway. (The writing team for is fantastic!)

I don’t want to take away from all the other amazing websites on this topic, by the way. is also a heavy hitter. Dave Hodges’ is also a favorite destination for talk of collapse, as are, and will be linking to all these websites while documenting the accelerating decline of Western civilization. Here’s a taste of what will be covering:

* The collapse of global debt, fractional reserve banking and central banks

* The collapse of global ecology, oceans, rivers and the natural world

* The collapse of the global food supply and regional water supplies

* The collapse of public trust in corrupt government

* The collapse of failed medicine and its legacy of fraud and criminality

* The collapse of the stock market, bond market and derivatives

* The collapse of world economies as global depression unfolds

* The collapse of law and order in the United States, where government now operates as a criminal cartel

Wherever things are breaking down and headed for collapse, will cover it!

On the lighter side, there’s the new Natural.News and upcoming

If the subject of Collapse is too intense for you, check out our new healthy living and green living website called Natural.News. That site doesn’t cover politics, economics or dark topics, and soon we’re launching and several other optimistic websites that teach techniques for healthy living and enjoying life.

When things go wrong, rush over to

One really cool thing about is that there now exists a large team of investigative writers ready to pounce on any real-time collapse taking place across society.

When the stock market crash begins sometime this year (at least that’s what many people are now predicting), will document the downfall.

When the next massive nuclear meltdown takes place, we’ll help people get prepared with lifesaving tips at

And when the food supply collapses in America — as has already begun with endless food lines now forming across major U.S. cities — we’ll help you with practical solutions for growing your own food, surviving food shortages, bartering for survival and much more.

Find all this and much more on

Just try not to be knocked over by the hard-hitting logo. WOW…

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