Brenda Weltner: Coming this October! Seals 1-4 and Trumpets 1-5

Posted on Aug 16, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note: I’m posting several of Brenda Weltner’s Bible Study Videos because it’s very interesting conjecture (to me) from the point of view the clock started running at the Revelation 12 sign in 2017. This is what allows her to make all these date assumptions. However, it all seems plausible in light of other intelligence reports on incoming asteroids and Israel war, the global plandemic hoax to chaos, financial collapse, forced vaccines, paid protected rioting & destruction, political insanity, final alien disclosure any minute, global religion in place, communist revolution leading to global government in place, genocide and eugenics quickening, AI & 5G and on and on.

The more I watch the more disturbed I become with cognitive dissonance about what’s really important if life as I’ve known it ends; very soon. My cognitive operating system needs to be updated. What makes this information particularly disturbing is her message resonates with me. I’ve watched more of her videos than I’ve posted. As a result I slept for over 20 hours Saturday as it was so much information I had to shut down to consider and process all she has suggested. Her matter-of-fact discourse style is oddly like a travel agent reviewing a complex vacation itinerary with a smile.

…October will not be the best month ever…  Seals 1-4 and Trumpets 1-5


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