Costco: Vitamix Blender Demonstration and why I bought a discounted overpriced blender.

Posted on Aug 31, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  I just bought one of these commercial quality Vitamix machines after considering the purchase for several years.  What really appeals to me is using the Vitamix to blend up extra vegetables and fruit that are about to go bad if not used.  Also, it’s a way for me to get many more vegetables into my diet I wouldn’t normally eat, as soup.

Six minutes to make hot soup from fresh ingredients appeals to me. And banana ice cream in less than 5 minutes appeals to me. The exact soup recipe in this demo video that starts at 13 minutes sold me on the machine. I see many, many quick fresh ingredient soup meals, smoothies, sauces and dessert possibilities. And, to justify $439 which must include a  commission to the salespeople involved (without the demo I would of walked right past this machine) and the ease of cleanup appeals to me as well as the commercial quality of the 2 HP motor and all metal gear to motor connection.

I also want to start making my own sauces and dressings. I’ve started saving and washing sauce and dressing bottles. However, mason jars are cheap and easier to pour the mix into. Also, you can spoon dressings out of a mason jar for better control of sodium and calories.

Can you duplicate some of this with a cheap Walmart blender? Probably.

Here’s another presentation I found interesting.

0:00 Introduction

3:40 Fruit Combo Smoothie

5:22 Chicken Potato Spinach Soup

7:22 Berry Sorbet With Mixed Spices

9:44 California Salsa

11:15 Spicy Tomato Sauce

12:40 Orange Vanilla Vinaigrette

14:40 Peanut Butter

16:23 Grating Cheese

17:18 Cleaning Vitamix


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