Great Prep Item: Schumacher Portable Power 1200 Peak Amps – $100

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  I was recently without power and ran a Verizon mobile hotspot, 2 laptops, charged 2 phones, and ran 2 USB LED lights with 56 bulbs on this Schumacher Power Station.  This is a really handle piece of equipment for $100. I’ve jump started my car a couple times when I had a corroded cable. Used it to fill a tire with a slow leak several times, and ran a company from it when the power was out.

If you call AAA for a jump start the service guy will most likely show up with one of these. That’s the first time I saw one in use.  I originally bought one for jump starting. Mine sat for months without being charged when I needed it to jump start my SUV.  I was surprised that it jumped the dead battery like it was fully charged. If I know I have a slow leak and can’t get to a shop right away I carry it in the back of the SUV.

For homes with teenagers who may be overly attached to uninterrupted cell phone, YouTube, and FaceBook entertainment this Schumacher Portable Power Station would be a good recharge station for their devices.


Going camping this weekend? Take along the cordless Schumacher Multifunctional Portable Digital Power Station (SJ1). It is a portable electronic device battery charger, digital air compressor and jump starter all in one powerful, compact package. String lights around the campsite or plug in a fan! With four USB ports, you’ll always have a portable battery charger for your devices. Power most devices with this portable power station that features both 12V DC and 120V AC power outlets. The 400-watt peak converter offers 200 watts continuous ~ 120V AC power. This multifunctional device has the portable camping power you need. The sealed lead-acid AGM battery in this portable engine starter has 1200 peak amps for jumping starting your vehicle, even V8 engines. Fill up your tires or an inner tube using the unique digital air compressor function on this portable power station. Just set the proper PSI and the compressor will automatically inflate to the right amount.

Portable emergency power station

Portable jump starter, power supply and air compressor



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