Fast Food Fukushima Sandwiches (Fuku-Fish-Samich) for Fluoride Zombies

Posted on Mar 04, 2016

cod comboI drove past a fast food outlet yesterday and their outdoor sign read “Premium North Pacific Cod Combo”. The definition of the word Premium is: a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected. Purchasers may get something in excess of that normally or usually expected, but it won’t be value. There’s a possibility it may be a cesium particle from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant explosions and subsequent meltdowns that is still contaminating the Pacific Ocean with radioactive runoff.

I hereby dub these fast food fish sandwiches the Fuku-Fish-Samich. Would you like to Fuku-Size that order? I wondered how many fluoride zombies would be making this Fuku-Fish-Samich selection thinking it’s healthier than their heavily processed beef patty sandwich.

It did occur to me that distribution through fast food outlets may be one of the few ways they have to sell this fish. I also wondered if it’s going to school systems. Fish from the Pacific may be much cheaper these days as demand from those that are abstaining affects the market. I wonder how or even if this fish was tested, other than the standard smell test. And when you consider that no one in authority is admitting there’s even a problem with the Pacific Ocean means ignorance is bliss. You don’t find cesium if you’re not testing for it.

When I see campaigns like this a disgusting thought keeps coming back front and center in my mind; fast food outlets are becoming the front line eugenics delivery system to the dumbed down deceived masses. Cesium roulette delivery devices; $3.69 victim funded. Better than a flu shot. And the economy gets a multi-million dollar cancer patient under Obamacare with no annual or lifetime limit health insurance. The family gets the racked and tortured dead body back to dispose of for another $20,000; numerous local florists get big orders for flowers; and the economy is booming again in no time.

And another one bites the dust. And another one’s gone, and another one, … and I’m going to get you too. I never noticed how flamboyant Queen was until this video. I guess the name said it all, notice the horned hat. Good song for this blog post. Next!

Hot tip:  Invest in everything cancer, funeral homes, and florists. Business is about to be brisk.

Another strategy may be to buy the biggest Cancer Supplemental Policy you can afford (they’re cheap) with a large half million dollar lump sum cash payment when you’re diagnosed. Then buy a juicer, get as healthy as possible and live it up and do everything you always wanted to do.

Another suggestion may be to take a charcoal capsule with any fish meal to help filter some of that pollution, including mercury. I believe that was a Mike Adams aka the Health Ranger suggestion some time back.

Watch this 10 year cesium projection for the Pacific Ocean. Pay attention to the day counter in the top left of the video, we’re currently at about the 55 second mark in this video.

Fukushima pacific ocean cesium 10-year projection 5-28-2013


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