6 Month Update – Gastric Bypass – Why Would Anyone Do This?

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Feb 19, 2018

EZ Diet Note:  This popular YouTuber is talking to his subscribers about his recent gastric bypass surgery.  The pain of changing his diet and lifestyle must of been worse than the pain of gastric bypass surgery. How does someone wake up one day and even consider, I must be fat because of the excessive size of my stomach?

I wonder if he even tried to drink plenty of clean filtered water, add essential vitamins and minerals, Omega EFAs, D3, and wean himself off of heavily processed nutrient void food, fast food, restaurant food, excessive sodium, 10,000+ chemicals, excessive sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Roundup doused wheat, and excessive starch before he decided the size of his stomach must be the problem?  He’s a fluid blob and the end result of the new American diet. He’s inflamed and bloated, probably  sensitive to sodium that gets worse with age.

Here’s another problem I see with this guy; he has to make a radical change in his diet and lifestyle after the surgery anyway.

6 Month Update – 150 lbs Down

The Surgery

Two week update:  He’s lost a pound a day for 2 weeks after surgery. This is a fluid dump.  I did the same thing, (I lost a pound a day for 45 days), when I got off of processed food and switched to fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.  This guys a fluid blob.  Food choice is much bigger than portion control. He’s still eating processed food based on comments in this video.


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