“We’re All Walking Glyphosate Time Bombs” and How To Detox It From Your Body w/Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT)

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jun 25, 2017

Dr. Stephanie Seneff talks about glyphosate, and how it disrupts your hormones, disrupts cholesterol metabolism, disrupts your liver’s ability to detox your body, how it disrupts gut bacteria and causes so many different health conditions, including autism, dementia, ALS, obesity, and so, so many others.

This is a huge health crisis. This is probably one of the most important podcasts you could listen to. It’s only 34 minutes, please listen.

Unfortunately, all food that is not organically grown is sprayed with glyphosate. It’s in the water. It’s in the rain. It’s in the vegetables, the fruit, the bread, the grains. It’s in so many things.

Learn about how you can avoid glyphosate to the best of your abilities, and how to detox glyphosate. If you don’t have 34 minutes to watch this video there are only a few microbes that can metabolize glyphosate and detox it out of your body.  They can be found in apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and bentonite clay. Probiotics are also very important.

Please keep in mind that this podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health condition, and is not a substitute for professional, medical advice. This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. Consult your health care practitioner before engaging in anything that’s suggested by Dr. Seneff.

This video used images copyrighted by Monsanto, and some from Dr. Seneff’s presentations.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT (CSAIL)
Her personal page is remarkable: https://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/
[Find the slides, papers, and much much more!]

Interview was recorded by phone on June 23, 2017, from 10:00 – 10:35 AM eastern time USA.

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