Gigantic Continuous Undersea Wall with Earthquake Repairs on Google Earth – Very Strange

Posted on Jan 28, 2017

1 Kilometer = 0.621371 Miles

I don’t know if this is a hoax video or not.  It’s fascinating to see.  I’m skeptical because I’m surprised that this is just now being discovered or revealed.

This is an anomaly the Smithsonian Institute can’t hide or coverup easily.

The first measurement in the video of the wall’s height appears to be 1.13 kilometers or .70 miles. That’s huge.

The first measurement of one of the repairs to the wall measures 8.44 kilometers or 5.24 miles.  Each of these repairs appear to be due to earthquake damage.

What purpose could this wall have served? Or does serve? Maybe some kind of undersea baffle that may restrain or regulate the flow of the ocean. Who could make a five mile wide repair almost three quarters of a mile high that deep in the ocean.  The reinforced side of some of the repairs indicate which side of the wall is pressurized. But why?

The breaks in the wall appear to have been repaired by someone. Who could make repairs that enormous and that deep in the Ocean. This has to be a God thing if it’s real.

The breaks in the wall also suggest the validity of the expanding earth theory Stan Deyo talks about.

What’s even more interesting is I didn’t see any open breaks in the wall that would suggest the wall is no longer being repaired.

I’d like to see this wall’s position on the flat earth map.


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