How Schools Killed Critical Thinking in America – Neal Boortz

Posted on Dec 23, 2017

EZ Diet Comment:  If you want to break free of the constraints your government education endowed you ……. wait, saddled you with, I would suggest a thorough study of Biblical financial concepts. Get the basic foundation of money first. Once you understand money in God’s economy, in this dimension, you’ll break free of all the constraints of this world and soar like an eagle. You don’t want to be part of man’s economy, especially right now.  Make a choice to operate in God’s economy where there are no recessions and depressions or maniacs trying to kill off the majority of the population and enslave the rest to work on their new global plantation. You have to understand the agenda to check out of it.


“Use Wisely Your Power of Choice”  Neal Boortz, who recently tweeted “Go Galt … like I did”.

boortz 2For 42 years, nationally syndicated talk radio host and NYT bestselling author Neal Boortz has been entertaining, aggravating, enraging and captivating radio audiences. In his memoir, Maybe I Should Just Shut Up And Go Away, he looks back across the decades and shares the often-hilarious reality of what happens behind the scenes when you’re a talk radio icon. Longtime friend with national radio greats Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, he tells how those relationships began in the hot seat of competition. Tributes are included from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Home Depot Founder Bernie Marcus and 2012 presidential nominee Herman Cain. Though early predictions by those who knew him in his youth cast Boortz as a sure prospect to become a preacher, he took a different route to educating the masses. Longtime listeners are certain to become enthusiastic readers as Boortz finally tips his hat to more than four decades of teeing up controversy, political education and general entertainment for audiences across the country to enjoy—and tells all they’ve been wanting to know but couldn’t get anyone to share until now.




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