Keeping you exhausted from electromagnetic and radio frequency induced fight-or-flight stress

Posted on Dec 20, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  If you’re swimming in multiple overlapping electromagnetic and radio frequency networks with wifi Internet, cell phones, wireless home phones and smart meters plus areas of dirty-electricity where you work, live, and sleep you might want to research this issue more.

First go to your cell phone wifi setup area and see how many wifi networks your phone is pinging.  This is just wifi Internet.  Your phone won’t show overlapping cell phone service, cordless home phones and smart meter networks.

It doesn’t matter how diligent you are in your diet and supplements and avoiding contaminated water.  This overlapping electromagnetic and radio frequency network problem is ramping up considerably all around us. And 5G IoT isn’t even here yet in most of the country.

Consider for a moment all the extra heavy metals and aluminum in your body from chemtrails, food, supplements, vaccines, and deodorant and we could well be human antennas in this microwave soup.

The known side-effects of these killer electromagnetic and radio frequencies may leave us with a population of sick, inflamed, tired, stressed out people heading for an early grave from heart disease and/or cancer.

I think this may be one reason people enjoy being at the beach, lake, walking, hiking, or camping. To get some relief away from their  electromagnetic frequency cages.

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body – Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.

The first 10 min. are foundational information, then specific effects on humans are shown.

Here is the conversation I have with “experts”.

Expert: I’ve been studying this/ in radio/ have a degree/ for many years and I’m healthy/ never seen electromagnetic frequencies or radio-frequencies cause problems to anyone. Put a tin foil hat on your head.

Me: I’ve seen EMF’s and RF affect hundreds and most of them get better under my care.

Expert: The research proves I’m right

Me: Research funded by the industry proves you’re right but independent research proves I’m right at a ratio of 70/30. It comes down to INDIVIDUALS who suffer from an external stressor and removing that stressor so the body can heal. I’ve been helping EMF and RF sensitive people for several years now and it’s real and devices like smart meters, wifi, cell phones, etc. do cause harm to biological tissue.


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