How to buy 10% Vinegar & Orange Oil to Kill Weeds

Posted on Sep 08, 2017

I finally found a good alternative to Roundup weed killer.  I now buy a case of 4 gallons of 20% Vinegar and 1 bottle Orange Oil from Amazon. I cut it 50% with water to make 10% vinegar so the case makes 8 gallons of weed killer that will average about $12 each to compare the cost to Roundup.

I’ve tested this 10% solution through 4 gallons now and can attest it works well on most grass, with the following caveats. The 10% solution works especially well on new weeds. The 10% solution does not work on large leaf brush or bushy weeds, or all small sprout trees. Try 20%, that’s my next test is what strength kills brush.

My experience was not good using standard 5% vinegar you can buy anywhere and salt. It seemed to burn the grass blades off, but not the root system. Especially more mature deep rooted grasses.  Most of the grass grew back. And I didn’t like putting that much salt all over the place. Plus the salt is corrosive to the spray head and the salt granules kept clogging the spray head.  It was too much trouble.

After looking everywhere at Home Depot, Lowes, farm stores, nurseries, etc. for stronger 10% vinegar I could use for killing grass and weeds, I gave up. Because of the weight I never considered buying it from Amazon, but that ended up being the fastest and easiest way to get 20% vinegar I could cut to 10%.

I bought a case of 4 gallons of 20% vinegar for like $84 on Amazon and it was delivered within days.  See:

I also bought Orange Oil to mix. It helps hold the vinegar on the grass to kill it.

You can use any pump spray head, tube, and cap from any old gallon of weed killer or bug spray.

Instructions:  Take a new gallon and pour off half the 20% vinegar into another gallon container.  Careful, 20% vinegar will burn you. Add a good splash, maybe two or three tablespoons of orange oil, add water to the top, shake, and spray. You could add a splash of soap, I don’t.

Weather:  Check the weather so you don’t waste or dilute the vinegar strength. Spray on grass in the heat of the day. No rain the day before or after for best results.

I use this stuff wearing flip flops and shorts without any concern for contamination from chemicals.  And the 10% solution doesn’t burn my skin.  However, the 20% solution will burn your skin. Wear pants and shoes and gloves when spraying full 20% strength.

On deep rooted older clumps of grass I’ll focus a good spray right at the center of the grass clump at the root base and spray the blades.

It also works if sprayed on ant hills. It will kill ants.


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