“I Don’t Have The Time” and Time Management – Tony Robbins – Short Video

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Sep 06, 2017

Tony Robbins: Own Your Time

Time: It’s the one thing that keeps on rolling, no matter what we do. And if we could choose a superhero power, many of us would probably choose to freeze it, just so we could buy ourselves a few more minutes, hours or even days to get something done. It’s one of life’s most precious gifts, no doubt. Why, then, do so many of us spend time inefficiently or even give our time up so willingly?

Time management is not just the ability to effectively accomplish your goals by planning and controlling how you spend the hours in your day. Time management goes far deeper, as it speaks to a more fundamental source of inner potential. It is a way of transforming the way you think so that you can consistently and sustainably use the time you have to create what truly matters for you.

With that said, start to also take note of how you give your time away to others. While we all want to be helpful, sometimes it behooves everyone if you say “no” instead. Because you cannot always afford to take on someone else’s tasks. And it will not serve others if you cannot be your best self for them.

You know when you get on an airplane, the first thing they say to you is, “If we run into trouble and we lose oxygen, these masks are going to drop.” What is the first thing they tell you to do — put the mask on your child? No. They tell you to put it on yourself first. Sounds like a selfish approach – your kid’s gasping for breath, “Oh, let me get myself some air.” But the reason is, if you don’t have oxygen while trying to give it to someone else, you’re going to pass out. You can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself. It’s not selfish. It’s actually the least selfish thing you can do. *


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