CLA reduced body fat an average of 20% over a 12-week period*

Posted on Aug 28, 2017

CLA may help you enjoy a lean, healthy, attractive body

It’s a shocking fact that the majority of Americans are now overweight or obese – with a 61% increase in obesity just in the last 10 years.1  How did so many of us get so big so fast? One surprising clue may involve a deficiency in CLA – a little-known dietary substance that wasn’t even discovered until 1978.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has benefits that athletes, bodybuilders and dieters of every age can appreciate. It helps speed up the body’s fat metabolism so more fat gets flushed out of the system, instead of getting deposited in our cells. CLA also helps the body to metabolize existing fat deposits – a key to losing fat. Better yet, CLA increases the proportion of lean muscle to fat in our bodies.* And because muscle burns more calories than fat, people who use CLA may experience a positive snowballing effect…the more muscle they create, the more calories they burn!*

The natural slimming agent our parents enjoyed: how we lost it, and how we can get it back

A generation ago, few people had even heard of CLA – yet they got an adequate supply simply by eating meat from grass-fed cows. Today we eat less meat, and the animals that produce the meat are fed differently – which results in a much lower percentage of CLA in our diets.*

In fact, research suggests the average American gets between 15 mg and 175 mg of CLA per day. That’s far below the amount we need for optimal fat-fighting and muscle-building effects. 2  But we may be able to restore CLA’s beneficial effects by taking supplements – just as we take vitamins and minerals to make up for other deficiencies in our diets.*

Lose a full inch from your waistband

The researchers who first identified CLA also observed its fat-reducing abilities. Dr. Mike Pariza of the University of Wisconsin noticed that animals being fed CLA ate less food and carried less body fat than animals not supplemented with CLA. He then discovered that a diet including 0.5% CLA resulted in animals with 50% to 75% less body fat! 3 *

In human studies, obese people who took CLA lost about a full inch from their waistbands over 12 weeks – compared to a control group who took no CLA and did not have a significant change in waist measurement. The groups had no change in eating or exercise habits during the period.4

In another study, 1,800 mg of CLA taken daily for three months was related to up to a 20% decrease in body fat. Image and link below

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