Interesting: Trained Engineer Struggles with Flight Formulas on a Spinning Globe

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

EZ Diet Editor:  Here’s one of his issues, if the earth spins at 1,037 mph at the equator; he figures the spin is approximately 850+ mph farther north on the globe at Jacksonville, FL. A runway positioned north and south should be a moving target at 850+ mph east.  How does an airplane land on a North/South situated runway moving at 850+ mph sideways?  Maybe this is the question: is the flight moving through the air on a plane; or through the air on a spinning globe?

Things that make you say Hmmm.

You may also be interested in the following video documentary that may have you humming hmmm again out loud. Question everything, because everything seems to be rigged against us. Use your own discernment and prayer about what to do with this information.  The suggested endgame is plausible.


and, another video with facts that can cause a bad case of cognitive dissonance….


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