Jim Marrs – From JFK to NWO with an old fashioned Investigative Reporter

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Aug 20, 2016

The best of the week audio interview…

Guest: Jim Marrs

trillionProlific author and well-known researcher Jim Marrs joins Doug Hagmann to discuss Our Occulted History, (his book and the facts), and covers everything from conspiracies rooted in antiquity, to the Nazi occult and the JFK assassination to the present day.

Past is indeed prologue as the blueprints of present day appear to have been created millennia ago, perhaps to be carried out by the present day global elite. From George Bush to George Soros, to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel to the body of globalist powers, there are deeply hidden connections that impact our current state of affairs and shape the news headlines.

You might never look at the world – or the subject of the so-called “New World Order” the same after this information packed broadcast.

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