John B Wells – Ark Midnight Interviews Joel Skousen – Headlines or Battle Lines?

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

See what Joel Skousen, the voice of reason, has to say about war. He’s always pushed WW3 way out “10 years”. Start the Joel Skousen interview at about 22 minutes.

Published on Apr 16, 2017

Guest – Joel Skousen
Topic: World Affairs Brief

Joel is a political scientist, by training, specializing in foreign policy, as well as the philosophy of law, free market economics and US Constitutional theory. His main area of research focuses on helping his readers understand the hidden globalist agenda behind US foreign and domestic policy. He has developed a working theory to explain the West’s conflicting policies of both supporting and attacking, at different times and places, contradictory positions on terrorism, Communist-backed revolutions, drugs, money laundering, and organized crime.

Read more about Joel by clicking the link below:

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