Lest We Forget – Fukushima 4.5 Years Later – Are You Consuming Pacific Seafood?

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Nov 07, 2015

EZ Diet Note:  I was at a nice restaurant recently where the waiter was explaining their specials. One comment caught my attention….. “our Baked Iceland Cod dish is yada, yada, then he says…. our Cod normally come from the Pacific Ocean, but this Cod comes the crystal clear waters of Iceland.” Interesting, I thought that they would make that distinction at the table. When from my experience most wait staff have no idea where their seafood comes from.  I did the StarTrek Spock inquisitive look (see dramatic look). My question I thought, was it really from Iceland? I ordered the Tilapia stuffed with crab meat in my favorite beurre blanc sauce, with spaghetti squash. I know there wasn’t any possibility fresh water tilapia came from the Pacific and will be less likely to be radioactive, but farm grown tilapia have their own issues. When dining out you have to pick your poison. The crab is a gamble also as it’s either from Venezuela, China, the Philippines or Indonesia.

You’ll have to follow the link to watch this video at YouTube, but its a great summary 10 minute montage reminder. After watching this ask yourself why the mainstream media has a virtual blackout on this information.

But, on a positive note, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) removed the standard one million dollar limit on all health insurance plans, which is partially to blame for the soaring cost of healthcare post ACA. How convenient. So your cancer ridden body will be worth several million dollars to the failing economy. Here’s a hot tip, avoid everything from the Pacific Ocean, stay out of the rain, add some anti-cancer supplements to your routine like turmeric and iodine, and try to survive. If you can pull that off, invest in everything cancer because business is about to be brisk.



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