Updated: Make your own breathable Plande-Masqs and Join the Masquerade Party

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jul 14, 2020

The reason for a MASQ instead of a real MASK (or no mask) is all the brainwashed masses who buy into the COVID-19 pandemic and mask policy hook-line-and-sinker; and may be a financially stressed non-essential worker on the verge of bankruptcy and domestic violence. Especially if several of these fools (with the above stresses) gang up on you because they believe you’re risking their lives because you’re not also wearing a mask. Anthony Fauci says this a “respect” issue; which makes it a reason for gang types to turn violent because of disrespect.

I know a local Asian alteration shop that makes flu masks. It occurred to me I could take a thin black tee shirt and have her make me a dozen masks that are very easy to breath through. Because they’re black they’ll look like any other flu mask and I can have them custom made tight against my nose and mouth forcing the exhaled air out and away from my face.  A thin black cotton tee shirt using just one layer could probably make a dozen masks.

Update:  I stopped by the Asian tailor shop with a $5 Walmart George thin black tee shirt and I took a $15 Amazon black cotton mask like the one pictured above to use as a template. If you hold that tee shirt up to the light you can read a newspaper through it. I explained I just want a single layer fake flu mask. I want it tight to my face and nose so when I exhale it exits the mask. She said “no, you need at least 3 layers”, I said “no I just want one thin tee shirt layer.” She said “ok”. : ) I said “I just want to comply with mask wearing when required and still be able to breath naturally.” She said “I agree, hard to breath, 3 layers. You come back tomorrow same time and try first mask.”  $8.50 each. I said I’ll buy as many as you can make from this tee shirt.

Update 2:  I just got back after testing the first new thin tee shirt mask. It’s good. It’s still a mask and unnatural. My breath goes right through it and it’s easier to exhale through your mouth pushing that spent air away from my face. It doesn’t steam my glasses if exhaling through the mouth. It’s more comfortable than a thick mask or paper mask. It also looks professional, exactly like the thick one I had her use as a template that I bought on Amazon.

Update 3:  I got 15 Plande-Masqs out of an XL tee shirt for $120, I gave her $160.  I normally pay what I expected.  15 masks gives me plenty to rotate through the wash. Put each one in a sandwich bag before and after use. Sunlight kills this virus in just minutes, so bake it on the dash of a car in the sun for a minute or two after each use. Put it back in the baggie.

Update 4:  The tee shirt mask in 100 degree weather gets hot very fast and in air conditioned stores my glasses still fog with every breath. I’ve come to the conclusion the pleated paper mask with a nose hole is more comfortable for breathing without fogging glasses. Mask wearing seems to be mandatory at most businesses and stores I frequent.  I’m making that nose hole 2 to 2.5 inches wide which is slightly wider than the one pictured below.  Staple a pleat below the nose hole to hold it open. The nose hole is completely concealed when positioned properly. If your modified mask doesn’t breath comfortably keep cutting the nose hole wider until it’s completely comfortable.


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