Making Perfect Shirts Without Spending a Fortune

Posted on Oct 01, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I spent 20 years in the cut-throat corporate environment  wearing suits and ties and competing with the blue-blood, look-the-part dress style. I accumulated a huge pile of classic nice shirts that don’t go out of style that were all cut with long tails designed to be tucked in. I have dozens of name brand dress shirts from that era that still look brand new.

I get tired of constantly tucking shirts back in every time I move, sit, bend or stretch. I dress for comfort in polos and tee shirts. But lately I’ve been forced to upgrade the look some of the time. So I’ve been looking for a few nice no-tuck shirts for jeans, khakis or dress slacks.

I don’t have the ideal off-the-rack shirt body. My shoulders are 5 to 6 inches wider than my waist. Finding a shirt that gives me the shoulder room I need, gives me way too much shirt at the waist.  Occasionally I get lucky and find a shirt cut perfect, but it’s rare.

Recently while at Dillards I’m trying to find the “perfect casual dress no-tuck shirt”. It’s not only a maddening array of size options like regular fit, slim fit, young cut, regular cut, athletic cut that mean nothing, but it’s very expensive.  An XXL slim cut is really a size XL shirt. I see a rack of Ralph Lauren no-tuck shirts for $110 each. I know I have a dozen of them at home with long tuck tails that fit like a bag when not tucked in.

That’s when it occurs to me to just pull a couple dozen high-end, name brand and tailor made classic shirts from my past and have them altered for athletic cut and no tuck tails. Cut the long tuck tails down to the no-tuck style.

Other options would be to find name brand, high-end shirts at Marshal’s, Ross, TJ Max. etc. discount stores at clearance prices and take them to a local tailor.

The fact is that taking in a shirt down the sides (up to $25) and change to no-tuck ($17) will cost up to $40+, but if you already own the shirt and don’t wear it because it doesn’t fit, and they’re custom fit to your body, and easy to wear and look good because they fit; I think it’s worth it.

This image helps shop the local alteration shops.


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