A Public Message Directly to Wal-Mart Corp. Mgmt. About Sauces, Marinades, Dressings, Condiments

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Apr 08, 2015

Photo Credit: David Dees Illustration http://www.deesillustration.com/

Wal-Mart has taken some hits in the media lately because of a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research that suggests Big Box stores like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, as well as the prevalence of restaurants, may be a huge contributing factor to American’s weight gain.

While I agree with the assessment of this published paper, I have to say I’m very impressed with Wal-Mart’s efforts to cater to shoppers smart enough to figure all this out. Their Great for You campaign has given me hope that this behemoth retailer has made some executive decisions in the right direction.

I’m very impressed to see KerryGold butter at a mid-sized country Wal-Mart.  I’m also very impressed to see plastic wrapped organic vegetables about 50% less than their competitors. They also do a much better job with grapefruit as well.  They have the grapefruit market nailed down with consistent high quality product at the best price.

great-for-you-icon_129836563468225427_203x305Still however, 80% plus of Wal-Mart’s grocery stock is cheap chemically tainted heavily processed packaged, meats, dairy, and frozen food; much of it processed with GMO corn and soy with a good dose of MSG and HFCS. Basically everything in cans, bags, boxes, bottles, jars, and packages with very few exceptions. It’s highly processed crack-food for bloated, inflamed, future heart attack and cancer patients. Much of Wal-Mart’s customers are fluid blob slobs completely addicted to this crack-food like lab rats smacking the feeder lever for more cocaine until it kills them. The manufacturers of these products knew exactly how the population would react to chemically enhanced, addictive food.  Their own R&D studies and taste tests must have proved what it takes to get Lab Humans to smack the feeder lever for more until it kills them.

Wal-Mart could do much better in the area of sauces, marinades, & dressings.

All sauces and most dressings at Wal-Mart are cheap, high sodium, high HFCS, MSG, chemical concoctions. Occasionally I stop and look to see if any new cleaner sauces or dressings have been added, and it hasn’t happened in five years of monitoring. It does absolutely no good, at all, to buy clean healthy food and dump contaminated sauces and dressings all over it. Wal-Mart’s larger mega stores in metropolitan areas may stock “a” cleaner brand or two like Braswell’s, who have a couple clean lower sodium steak sauces and marinades they distribute through grocery stores only. I understand the Braswell Food Company is also coming out with a whole gluten-free line of clean sauces. Many of the private label cleaner brands found in gourmet shops are produced by the Brasswell Food Company.

But, in the smaller and mid-sized Wal-Mart stores in the outlying countryside Wal-Mart stocks no clean sauces, and only one or two clean dressings. Just crack-food sauces and dressings. Obviously country people must not be as smart as those in the larger cities. If it doesn’t sell, Wal-Mart can’t have it on the shelves. They cater to what people buy, just dumb lab humans smacking the feeder lever for more HFCS, MSG, sugar, chemicals, preservatives, with huge doses of sodium all over cheap GMO corn and soy products.

So how do I define a cleaner Sauce, Marinade, or Dressing?

Here’s the issue, most healthy 400 calorie meals can only support 50 to 100 calories in butter, sauces, and marinades. If you’re going to eat healthy, you need clean sauces, marinades, and dressings to make all that high fiber, healthy food palatable.

Calories Per Serving under 50

When I pick up any sauce, marinade, or dressing bottle the first thing I look at is calories per serving. I want calories under 50 per serving. Way under if possible. Then I look at what they consider a serving. Serving sizes on sauces can vary from a teaspoon  to two tablespoons. You have to watch the serving size ploys.

Sodium per Serving under 100mg

Next, I’m looking at sodium. I want sodium under 100 mg per serving. This criteria kills almost all Wal-Mart sauce selections.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

If the product passes the calorie and sodium test, then I go to the fine print and start reading ingredients. Normally high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the cheap sweetener of choice for human lab rats. I don’t want any HFCS in the sauce.

No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Next, I’m looking for monosodium glutamate (MSG) in the dozens of different deceptive ways it can be labeled. This neuro-excito toxin has been added to most processed food to enhance the lab rat feeder lever smacking behavior. I also don’t want any MSG hidden in my sauces. Many, many, many, many products that get this far on my list FAIL because of the term “Natural Flavoring” or “Seasoning” in the ingredients list.

No Added Sugar

I almost never get this far on sauce or marinade labels at a Wal-Mart, or any other grocery chain for that matter. Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Ingles, Publix Management, and on and on, you’re next. You’re all getting it wrong on sauces, marinades, dressings, and condiments.

I’m willing to accept a small amount of sugar (in a dozen forms), but sugar can’t be one of the first few ingredients.

I would do the happy banana dance right there in the store aisle if I saw Stevia in an ingredient list on a sauce or marinade. Especially for Walden Farms BBQ, Ketchup, Cocktail, and other Dressing products who still use Splenda as a sweetener.  In fact a blog post directly to the management at Walden Farms is on my list, they’re next. Drop the #%@x!%@ Splenda from your sauces and dressings. I would use 5 times as much of your product if you would just take the #%@x!% Splenda out of your products and replace it with uncut Stevia.

No Artificial Sweeteners

I don’t want to see Splenda, Equal, the pink stuff, the yellow stuff, none, at all. I have no tolerance for any mind-bending, cancer-causing artificial sweeteners.

No Chemical Food Coloring or Preservatives

I don’t want my sauces and marinades to be a science project with chemicals I can’t pronounce. If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t want it. It’s mystery poison, and no one, especially the FDA is looking out for my best interests when it comes to the 10,000+ chemicals used in the food supply.


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