MIT develops WiFi X-Ray Virtual Reality Hologram

Posted on Oct 14, 2017

MIT has developed WiFi X-ray that uses existing WiFi signals (basically everywhere) to create a 3D virtual reality view of all human activity disturbing the signal within its range.

Open your cell phone WiFi setting and see all the WiFi networks your phone is pinging, by name. An apartment or office building can have dozens of overlapping WiFi networks.

Imagine driving by a 3 story apartment building and with a special headset you can see through the walls and it highlights all the humans in a hologram like 3D virtual reality, stacked 30 feet high.

Imagine this in the hands of your weird computer geek neighbor.

I suspect this technology already exists. It’s Satan’s attempt to be omniscient like God.

If this primitive heat signature WiFi x-ray view reported in that article was presented to the public back in 2015; then the technology is probably decades ahead and advanced. I bet it can view full torso images like any TSA scanner and probably even facial recognition technology.  Anyone disturbing the existing WiFi or Smart Meter soup is profiled and indexed.

I wonder how many high-end hotels already use this technology? A virtual reality computer image of every floor and all human activity.

Now imagine a worldwide 3D virtual reality map of every human being living within a WiFi network. I think this may be the endgame for the Internet of Things and new 5G signals.

Invest in everything 5G right now. It’s the next Microsoft, Apple and Google combined.

Nothing can compare to the profits to be made from those that are addicted to and paying for their own 24/7 virtual surveillance and entertainment devices.

The whole world is about to graduate to and become addicted to this:


MIT develops WiFi with X-ray vision, can see a human through walls


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