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Posted on Jan 15, 2018

As succinctly as possible, what is the Ezekiel Diet?

The Ezekiel Diet is a fresh food lifestyle with sprouted grain Ezekiel Bread as the main carbohydrate and distilled water.  Or, written another way: God’s organic system for fresh protein, vegetables, fruit, limited dairy + God’s recipe for bread + God’s system for clean water.

A new revised copy of the Ezekiel Diet Handbook is now available for download FREE.

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Also see the grocery list:

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What does Helping you avoid the multi-million dollar Medical Early Demise tax mean?

See: Your Multi-Million Dollar Medical Early Demise Tax Explained

As succinctly as possible:  Effective January 1, 2014 the Affordable Care Act required all health insurance carriers to remove annual and lifetime limits for medical benefits.  Before 2014 most plans had a more affordable $1 million annual and lifetime limit.

We know we have the Fukushima radiation disaster upon us, poisoned low-nutrient processed food, poisoned water, poisoned air, dangerous medical care, pharmaceutical toxicity, and tainted vaccines all working against us. This ongoing eugenics program is well documented in this blog, and by the numbers. From an article at In 1999, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the U.S. 24th in the world for overall life expectancy. But over the past decade, that ranking has dropped 25 spots, (to 49th) and experts have been scrambling to come up with an answer as to why this is the case.

Before you make it to retirement (because carcinogens in food, water and the environment have ramped up), or before you move too far into your retirement, you’ll be shaken down (billed), for up to a couple million dollars (or more) in healthcare & pharmaceutical revenues, then kicked into a hole in the ground. And the family will turn and walk away saying, “oh well, they did the best they could, poor thing, I told him that fast food would kill him”.  Very civilized, and profitable. It’s the new sick-care economy.


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