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Posted on Aug 11, 2015

(NaturalNews) This summer, after launching our new search engine, I developed the algorithms to scan, sort and aggregate news content from thousands of independent media websites.

Based on that innovation, we’ve now launched 100+ topic-focused, near-real-time newsfeed sites that bring you the latest headlines on specific topics. Right now, you can see the top headlines on:

See the complete list of sites at

Each of these sites is updated hourly, in near-real-time, with the latest news and headlines from across thousands of independent media websites. The sites automatically refresh with the latest content every hour.

We also have and, by the way, and these days, I leave open a browser with just so I can monitor the newsfeeds on Donald Trump.

But if you want to monitor the news on Fluoride, for example, or Smart Meters or anything else we cover, you can open up that website and leave it open in a browser window.

Which news sites get included in these feeds?

We include all news sites categorized as “independent media” by

This includes thousands of independent news sites, including Democracy Now, BreitBart, The Intercept, The Blaze, Infowars, Natural News and many others.

If YOU have a website that deserves to be included, just submit it to and wait a few days for it to be approved. As you publish stories on various topics, your headlines and links should appear across all the matching websites.

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