October Surprise to Derail Election & Cover a Crash? Putin EXPOSES World War 3 Plan

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Wag the Trump Card.

I guess it’s one thing to lie to us here in the US continuously, always saying one thing, while doing another.  But, all this international hubris and lying could turn into multi-million dollar cans of whoop-ass launched on American cities. That possible outcome seems to be intentionally and curiously timed to the 2016 election and more financial instability globally. The rest of the world would probably just shake their heads and say… ‘they had it coming’.

I know.. it’s hard to concentrate and read with the image of a person being incinerated while standing. They may be the lucky ones.

Are we being set up?

This would certainly provide a plausible alternative cause for the inevitable, long overdue financial collapse. By the way, I’m not necessarily pro-Putin, he’s probably just another actor on the world stage being manipulated by the owners. His timing is a little suspicious.

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