Only the new media predicted the current stock market gyrations while the mainstream media spewed propaganda

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

The new media was out in front of all of this – and still is

(NaturalNews) Who knew this was in store for Americans? The mainstream media has almost been complicit in the scandal, belching out, word for word, Obama Administration proclamations that “the economy is strong,” “growth is happening,” and “the markets are healthy.”

For example, in the run-up to the 2014 midterms, President Obama touted massive gains on Wall Street under his watch even as he decried the market’s rise as good only for “the top 1 percent.”

In March 2015, CNN bragged that stocks were big gainers under Obama’s tutelage, hinting that the president is some wonderful economic guru who brought the nation back from the brink of disaster, a.k.a. the Great Recession of 2007–2009.

No one was talking about how the markets were grossly overinflated, that tech stocks like Apple were grossly overvalued, and that markets from afar – yes, China – were perched dangerously atop a massive bubble.

Well, no one in the mainstream media, that is. The alternative media, however, has long been sounding alarm bells. For instance, weeks ago Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explained how a coming market collapse would play out.

He, of course, has not been alone.

“For weeks, months and even years, the leaders of the new media (independent media) have been warning about the coming implosion of the global debt pyramid. I’m just one of many, and the larger group includes people like Gregory Mannarino, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Dave Hodges, Susan Duclos, the Silver Doctors, the Liberty Brothers, Steve Quayle, Mac Slavo from and many others,” Adams wrote.

All of these folks, and others, like Zero Hedge, have been reporting specifics, not just general “the sky is falling!” pieces. They have explained, as Adams has, for instance, why a major market “correction” is coming (“the failure to adequately model systemic risk”), or, in the case of Zero Hedge, too much liquidity creation (quantitative easing) by central banks.

For years, the Federal Reserve has been printing money like mad – injecting some $80 billion a month into the “economy.” But the money hasn’t really gone into “the economy,” it has largely gone to big banks, ostensibly with the hope they would use it to fund new loans (thus spurring economic expansion and growth). What has happened instead, however, is that the money has largely been squirreled away by the executives and shareholders of the same big banks, boosting their bottom lines and earnings while artificially boosting the stock market’s value.

If our economy is so strong, why is artificial monetary creation even necessary?

Central banks in Europe and Asia have since followed suit. As Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of US Global Investors, noted here on August 19:

First it was the U.S. Federal Reserve. Then, in 2013, Japan launched what became known as Abenomics. The European Central Bank (ECB) followed suit in 2014. And now the People’s Bank of China has joined the parade.

So much cheap money – interest rates in the U.S. are still at historic lows – are supposed to be good for the economy too, but look at the market gyrations, as they tell the whole story.

As of this writing, markets in the U.S. were stabilizing. But the huge debt bubble created by the Federal Reserve and the rest of the global north continues unabated, meaning the next gyration is already on the horizon.

Which all comes down to this one question: If these economies were fit to grow on their own, why would so much capital liquidity need to be created out of thin air by central banks?

Growth that is real – manufacturing output, homeownership (which just sank to new lows), rising employment, consumer spending – ensures stable markets over the long term, not artificial growth “created” by central bank policy.

We in the alternative new media just thought you should know the difference.


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