Red alert! Severe flu outbreak throughout the USA – Dr. Ted Broer

Posted on Jan 10, 2018

Show Description: Super high energy must listen show! Red alert! Severe flu outbreak throughout the USA. What you can do to reduce your risk. Super important segment.

What is project Bluebeam?

What was Verner Von Braun’s warning? What about morgellons?

Jeff Sessions to start prosecuting states for pot. But yet is promoting the big pharma pharmaceutical version.

Soros is funded by the Rothschilds here’s the connection.

Tucker Carlson asks why is it ok to slam white people? Warning…This show goes totally politically incorrect at this point…

Ted leaves the reservation and goes unchained!

According to Kissinger why is Kushner being attacked?

Russian historian who exposed Stalin as a genocidal mass murdering maniac is undergoing forced psychiatric testing in Russia.

Germany to abandon climate goals. 20% of El Salvador’s population lives in the USA .

Democrats say white christian women need not apply. This is a super high energy must listen politically incorrect show!

Hosts: Ted & Austin Broer

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