Selfie-Stick Chopper Strikes in New York! One minute must-see video.

Posted on May 20, 2017

EZ Diet Note:  I just got back from an exhaustive 4 cities in 8 days “tourist” destination. This short one minute video made me chuckle. I walked around selfie-stick photo sessions everywhere; and had to fend off Indians selling selfie-sticks everywhere.

I’ve been doing some research this morning about the tourist phenomena. I found a blog post that was good at titled:

3 Ways To Escape A Tourist Mindset


There’s something about tourists that rub us the wrong way, even when we are one. It’s because the tourist has the reputation of wanting the bragging rights of having visited a place, but without the inconvenience of really seeing. Hurried, uncurious, and therefore blind, they content themselves with the satisfaction of checking off items on an itinerary and pass through woefully unchanged.

So how do we break out of this default setting as we visit new places? How can we step out of the mindset of a tourist and immerse ourselves into the places our adventures take us? There are a few things I’ve read, heard, or discovered along the way that have helped me.

Another good excerpt:

Part of traveling like an adventurer is letting go of the need to “do it right.” To take pictures or not isn’t the point. But, for a moment, let your curiosity extend to your own motivations. Why is it that I’m wanting to take this picture right now? Is it about giving attention to where I am in this moment? Or is it about getting attention in some future moment when I share this?


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