Steve Cioccolanti – His Take On Revelation 12 – Woman in Heaven – September 23, 2017

Posted on Nov 16, 2016

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The Revelation 12 Celestial Woman in Labor Pain is the most detailed astronomical sign recorded in the entire Bible, and may be the greatest sign in the sky since Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. It’s likely to be fulfilled in 2017. This video explores in depth the meaning and timing of this sign. What does the Bible say the “woman in birth pangs” alludes to in terms of end time events?

The full DVD is over an hour long, packed with Biblical insights, titled “The Greatest Celestial Sign in History: Revelation 12 Woman in the Sky” available at

Did you watch the previous “8 Super Signs in the Sky”? They accurately signaled the rise of ISIS, ruin of Damascus, and terrorism in the West. Catch up!

Research credit to: Jaco Prinsloo, God’s Roadmap to the End, ebook available at:

Music Credit: Original music made exclusively for Discover Ministries by world-class composer Tom Hanke. Check him out!


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