Stoneware Pie Dish for Skinny Cheesecake, Thawberries, Granola, & Reddi Wip – 190 calories

Posted on Nov 05, 2017

I’m always trying to find a way to make a favorite dessert a little bit better, skinnier, or healthier.

One of the issues with the healthier almond meal and medjool date crust is it’s doughy; as opposed to the crunch and sweetness of a graham cracker crust. Many people, especially kids prefer the sugary graham cracker crust.

However, even a graham cracker crust becomes soft if it stays in the fridge too long. Also the graham cracker crust is wheat and sugar which you should limit.

The search for a fresh healthy crunch on Strawberry Short the Cake.

I picked up a bag of Cascadian Farm Organic Honey Almond & Chia Granola at a discount store and tried it as a topping sprinkled on:

Thawed Strawberries with 6 tablespoons of Reddi Wip Real Cream, sprinkled with a little more granola;  it’s great, even without the skinny cheesecake base. But add 75 calories of skinny cheesecake (3/4 cup) as the base layer and it becomes a really great dessert. See the pictures below.

How to Make Thawberries – let a bag of frozen strawberries thaw 6 hours at room temperature – store in glass or bpa free container – refrigerate after thawed  for several desserts.

Cut back on Ezekiel Bread on days you use Organic Granola. Consider 2 teaspoons of granola a carbohydrate serving.

I don’t have experience using granola during weight loss but I would limit this dessert to once a day either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Not in the evening before bed.  Take a couple Cinnamon Extract to counteract the affect of the little bit of sugar in the cream and honey granola and strawberries on blood sugar. Keep in mind you have a lot of fiber here in the strawberries and granola. When God packaged fructose (sugar) in fruit He always balanced it with lots of fiber.

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I like it better than a graham cracker crust

After a quick Internet search I discovered this granola is $6.76 a bag at WalMart. I found it at a discount store (Big Lots) marked down to $3 a bag. After trying it on a dessert I went back and bought all 14 bags. It lasts a long time.

Pie Mix in Single Serve Stoneware Pie Dish

2 – Fat Free Cream Cheese at 240 calories each  = 480 calories

3 eggs = 210 calories

3 teaspoons real vanilla extract = 35 calories

3 teaspoons lemon juice = 10 calories

2 1/2 tablespoons SweetLeaf Stevia or Cup of Stevia in the Raw =  0 Calories

Mix all the ingredients well. Pour into the 5 pie dishes, or use 10 small pie dishes to leave room for strawberries and cream.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes if dish is almost full (5 dish). Start watching after 10 to 12 minutes if filled halfway (10 dish). Let cool.  Refrigerate. Best the next day.

I call this skinny cheesecake because fat free cream cheese drastically reduces the calories. And zero calorie Stevia replaces sugar. And this method eliminates 100 calories in graham cracker crust in favor of you controlling granola topping.

As an after-thought, if you only have 4 or 5 small pie dishes only use one block of fat-free cream cheese instead of two and cut the calories in half. Just cut back everything by half. This also leaves more room in each single serve pie dish for thawberries, granola, and cream.

Total = 735 Calories for 5 Pie Dishes 147 each

I recommend 3 toppings:

1) thawed frozen strawberries I call Thawberries maybe 20 calories pictured,  and

2) Reddi Wip spray whipped cream, 15 calories 2 tablespoon

3) Organic Granola mix instead of pie crust.  Fresh healthier crunch. I used Cascadian Farm Organic Honet Almond & Chia Granola

Spoon out half of one small pie stoneware 3/4 cup skinny cheesecake (75 calories),

Add Thawed Frozen Strawberries or Thawberries (20 calories), 1 teaspoon of Granola (25 calories)

Spray 6 tablespoons Reddi Wip (45 calories), Add 1 more teaspoon Granola (25 calories)

It’s 190 to 225 Calories as Pictured Above depending on the amount of cream and strawberries. About the same as a KIND Bar.


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