The Great Christian Persecution Coming To America

Posted on Jan 06, 2016

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PART 2 ( The great christian persecution coming to America ~~…

Christians suffer numerically more than any other faith groups or groups without faith in the world. Of the world’s three largest religions Christians are the most allegedly persecuted with 80% of all acts of religious discrimination being directed at Christians who only make up 33% of the world’s population.

EZ Diet Comment: I don’t know where the Christians in the picture above were from. But lets take a look at the Northern Syria Peaceful Citizens Act passed as recent as 2013, gun control legislation that paved the way for Christian persecution in that area of the world. These poor guys hanging in the picture above probably owned firearms before the Peaceful Citizens Act. Don’t make the mistake of believing  this can’t happen here.

And notice the irony in the name Peaceful Citizens Act. Like the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable. The only “peaceful citizens” are the dead ones.

Peaceful Citizens Act – Northern Syria – 2013

When North Syria was recognized in 2012, King Fahad Abdul-Issam abandoned his earlier promise, and stated he needed to promote a culture of peace in North Syria, and not one of violence.

Gun_confiscationHis daughter, Princess Razia bint Fahad Abdul-Issam, along with many other North Syrian women were allowed to voice their opinions as King Fahad Abdul-Issam has been known to champion women’s rights. Many of them suggested gun confiscation was necessary to prevent more civil war and violence.

On November 3, 2013, before the Islamic New Year, King Fahad Abdul-Issam passed the Peaceful Citizens Act (Arabic: قانون المواطنين المسالمين, French: Loi de Paisibles Citoyens) which not only encouraged integration with the West, but also that of gun and weapons confiscation in order to promote a culture of peace in the new Kingdom. He also expressed the right to life as a reason.

In a statement, Abdul-Issam said, “Everybody has the right to live in a safe and peaceful society, this is a universal right to life. Therefore, we must disarm the public to ensure this safety and promote a culture of peace, safety and well-being.”

The North Syrian Army, formed out of the North Syrian Coalition announced that they would start confiscations after the Islamic New Year. On November 7, the confiscations started. Princess Razia bint Fahad, led the Education Against Violence (Arabic: التعليم ضد العنف) a nationwide program meant to encourage citizens to surrender their guns, swords and knives and discourage them from owning one or attempting to reverse the act.

About a total of 10,031,311 guns were confiscated, mostly AK-47s and a couple thousands of M4-A1s and almost 20,313,000 swords. Any North Syrian Coalition member that chose not to became part of the new Kingdom’s armed forces (an option made upon the Kingdom’s formation), were required to surrender their guns as well.

Badir bin Salman al-Jabbar, the Chief-General of the Royal National Police stated, “North Syria is a country of peace. We do not need vigilantes, the police and the government will protect the people. We do not appreciate vigilantism here. Ordinary citizens have no use for guns, period.”

In the wake of the Valentines Day shooting of 2015, in which converted airsoft guns were used, the North Syrian Parliament approved Bill NS-34 which banned all Cometa air products from the Kingdom.

Firearms before the Peaceful Citizens Act

Prior to the banning of guns in North Syria, almost all citizens had kept an assault rifle in their homes. Assyrian and Armenian Christians often used armed militia men to guard their churches from Islamic militants – and often against members of the North Syrian Coalition. As many as 11 million people were said to have owned a firearm.

Fahad Abdul-Issam promised that “all citizens” of the new Kingdom, whether they be Shi’ite, Sunni, Christian, Jewish or Druze would be granted with the God-given to “protect themselves from all harm, from all tyranny”. This had hinted that citizens were allowed to keep their existing firearms.

Guns were an essential part of life in northern Syria. They were used as part of celebratory shooting during weddings, whether it be a Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Druze. They were also used for hunting.


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