The Hydroxychloroquine Shuffle! Dr. Trump To The Rescue? Pandemic Over?

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Ever since President Trump first mentioned hydroxychloroquine as a potential remedy for coronavirus, mainstream media and Democrat politicians have been accusing him of peddling a “snake oil” cure for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, as the left claims the drug is dangerous and that its use could cause deadly side-effects, patients, doctors and physicians around the world are touting the drug as a promising solution to coronavirus symptoms.

In fact, Democrat Michigan State House Rep. Karen Whitsett credited the drug with saving her life and thanked President Trump for popularizing it.

Tucker Carlson noted the establishment media is likely doing the bidding of Big Pharma, WHO and wealthy “philanthropists” like Bill Gates and George Soros by criticizing the potential life-saving product.

Remember, if the Orange Man says it’s good… it must be bad!


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