The Truman Show and Your World – “Was Nothing Real?” – One of the stage lights just fell

Posted on Nov 22, 2015

The Truman Show is a 1998 American science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Peter Weir and written by Andrew Niccol. The film stars Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Ed Harris and Natascha McElhone. The film chronicles the life of a man who is initially unaware that he is living in a constructed reality television show, broadcast around the clock to billions of people around the globe. Truman becomes suspicious of his perceived reality and embarks on a quest to discover the truth about his life.

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Ezekiel Diet Note:  The following information below is conjecture about how this movie parallels the Biblical God of the Old and New Testament and Truman’s existence in this snow-globe, from:

But I believe there’s a deeper meaning, I don’t believe the author of the information below went far enough in light of the VideoBook posted below. Get up to speed on The Truman Show movie theme and then watch the YouTube below.




Truman Burbank doesn’t know it but he has been televised every second of every day, from the moment he was born. For thirty years he has been the unwitting star of the longest running, most popular documentary-soap opera in history. He lives in the town of Seahaven (sea heaven), which is actually a gigantic soundstage. Truman’s friends and family – everyone he meets, in fact – are actors. He lives every moment under the unblinking gaze of 5,000 hidden TV cameras. His name is interesting. It means, of course, “true man” and Burbank is where the famous Burbank Studios, Warner Bros., Disney, NBC-TV etc. are located in California.


Very common human fantasies/feelings include that of being watched; that life is somehow not real; of having more importance than we do; having a sense of being isolated and different. The Truman Show connects with all of these feelings. But more importantly, it connects with real human issues such as: self-determination, truth seeking, and overcoming fears. It is the story of an all-conquering love.

There is a god-like director that controls Truman’s televised world. His name is Christof. His name is also significant. He’s more like anti-Christ however, making it impossible for Truman to know the truth and have a normal life.

There is a visual pun in this film when a studio light falls from the sky. It’s like St. Paul in the Bible when he was struck down by a heavenly light. Truman literally sees the light -pun intended. Truman Burbank gets the feeling that he’s being watched. He needs to find out the truth.


Love is the force that brings down the house of cards. Love never dies. It is the compelling force that ultimately drives Truman to face and conquer his greatest fear. Truman falls in love in a library (symbol of the knowledge of good and evil). They kiss on the beach with the pounding surf in the background (foreshadowing what lies ahead). She is a bit player on the show and is quickly written out. She is banished from the show. Truman is told she moved away across the sea. Truman is now determined to leave Seahaven -the illusionary human-made Paradise. What is Paradise without Eve? Without love?


Seahaven is surrounded by water. This keeps Truman contained. Noting Truman’s early love of boating, Christof staged a boating accident in which a violent chaotic “storm” swept Truman’s “dad” off to sea. This created a crisis of fear of the sea in the mind of Truman. The sea = chaos, separation and death.


Truman in his truth seeking attempts to cross a bridge. He is prevented by some cleverly staged events by Christof. Little does anyone guess that Truman would face his greatest fear and escape in a boat, which he does.


He is knocked out by the storm and lies with his arms outstretched as though he died. The ropes around him form the sign of the cross on his chest, emphasizing his crucified-like body posture. He has confronted his chaos monster. The sea is calm and he comes to. The sun is shining, the darkness is gone. This film is one symbol upon another. He continues to sail until he unexpectedly crashes into the end of the world (the back wall of the gigantic sound studio in which he lives). He gets out of the boat and walks on the ledge, as if walking on water, to a set of stairs leading up into the sky to the very door of heaven, or so it would seem.


There is an interesting contrast here between the creator of the TV show and THE God of the universe. While Christof broadcasts his voice down to Truman, the girlfriend whispers a simple prayer up to God in a still small voice. Christof’s words are well chosen, “I AM the Creator…” Truman confronts his god. Truman chooses the life in the next world over life with the god of this world. Love has won out. Truman becomes a true man.



Ezekiel Diet Note: I disagree with the conclusion of this last slide above. That’s darkness on the other side of that doorway. Cern comes to mind when I contemplate this last scene. Leaving the light, going into the darkness.


One of the stage lights just fell. 200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball.

Now, watch as much of the following YouTube VideoBook that your own cognitive dissonance will allow.

I come from several generations of builders, I think like an engineer. It’s the engineering “proofs” about the Panama Canal, railroad construction, and normal airline navigation and traffic below the equator that have me in yet another state of cognitive dissonance trying to figure out how I’ll process this information.

For the last week I’ve been listening to interviews by Rob Skiba, Mark Sargent, and Patricia Steere. Very interesting presentations, however they didn’t have the impact of the following 200 “Proofs” video.

I know most of you will want to come out swinging when your view of the big blue marble is challenged. Just listen to the following 200 “proofs” before you decide I’m an idiot.

The question is why? That’s what I want to explore. If there is any truth to these 200 “proofs”, then why would the powers-that-be need to perpetrate the globe lie? And what does the Bible say about this? Rob Skiba has done some interesting research into this question.

It’s been opined I believe by Rob Skiba, that if we live in a closed system it suggests a creator and a purpose.

If we live on a globe, in a universe of globes, then we could be just one of millions of possible worlds (globes) full of accidental life.

Published on Nov 2, 2015

This is a read-along from the latter half of my blog (Rob Skiba) at dealing with the movie, The Truman Show and how it relates to both the flat, enclosed Earth theory and the Bible (Psalm 139 in particular).

gravity is magic





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