The Trump Phenomena – Another Ross Perot or Ron Paul sent in to placate then abandon the “silent majority”?

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

EZ Diet Note:  We’ve been here before. In the 90s with “shut up Larry and look at the chart” Ross Perot. More recently it’s been Ron Paul. I’m starting to suspect these wild card candidates with common sense are only allowed on the national stage to act like a pressure relief valve for the “silent majority”. Giving them false hope and a glimpse of sanity in an otherwise bizarro-political-world.  In the end Perot and Paul retreated and abandoned the cause.

Trump doesn’t act like a man trying to commit suicide to me, which causes me to suspect he’s an insider, playing us, and he knows how this ends. I don’t know how this Trump phenomena plays out in this political environment, especially at this late hour. If Trump keeps this huge ground swell movement, and he’s not an insider, he could accelerate plans to collapse the system by those in control. If Trump isn’t an insider we still have the rigged ballot voting system to get through. That outcome will most likely be 51% Demo-Whoever / 49% Trump.  I can’t help but think we’ve been here and done this already.

On a lighter note, a thumbs up to Trump for staying close to his ideal weight in a world full of polluted processed food.  He’s obviously eating a fresh food diet and staying healthy. I’m sure it’s easier when the gourmet chef on the payroll does all the shopping and cooking. Look around, he’s an anomaly at his age. I notice this now because I blog about weight loss.

Watch how these idiot press-titutes* denigrate Trump for verbalizing the Red Pill Problems they can’t talk about, and keep their jobs. They always bring in a stooge expert-whore to tell us Trump is entertaining, that’s why he’s #1 in the polls, or it’s turned into the Presidential Reality show (like Ron Paul was our crazy Uncle), and his sound-bite common sense approach to national problems isn’t possible, and these subjects are just way too complicated for common sense solutions (i.e. you’re too stupid).  *Press-titute, a term coined by Gerald Celente at Trends Research Institute



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