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Posted on May 03, 2015
Published on Apr 30, 2015

Tom Horn and Cris Putnam return to the studio to continue discussion about their groundbreaking new investigation “On the Path of the Immortals.”

Evidently Tom Horn and Cris Putnam have been involved in a top-secret project over the last 2 years involving specific geographic locations where supernatural gateways are purported to exist. They actually sent two teams of investigators to remote locations and wound up filming things they did not expect. Tom Horn says it is the biggest discovery he’s been involved with and that the information will be part of an upcoming SkyWatchTV Special Investigative Report as well as a book that is in production now titled On The Path Of The Immortals.

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On the Path of the Immortals with Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam

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“In On the Path of the Immortals, internationally acclaimed, investigative authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam continue the greatest investigation of our time by exposing the facts kept hidden from the public by elitists and intellectuals who are planning mankind s assimilation under a coming savior, one whom the prophet Daniel foresaw as an alien god.”

So reads the product description for the eagerly awaited third collaboration between best-selling authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam.  As soon as I heard the synopsis for this soon to be released book, On the Path of the Immortals, I could hardly wait for its release.  And, because I sometimes get a little inside scoop.. I was privileged to read some early chapters as they were being written, and I’ve now been privy to the entire book which has had me riveted! *Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a very special and LIMITED TIME Pre-order offer*

On the Path of the Immortals Interview

*Unveiled! What Mt. Graham really is, and why NASA and the Vatican are there
*Disclosed! What the Bible says about gateways and the beings that wait behind them
*Discovered! Scientific evidence of, and signals from, life beneath the surface of the earth
*Found! The ancient stargates and their association with vortex manifestations
*Revealed! The role of CERN s Large Hadron Collider and its search for a portal
*Uncovered! Gobekli tepe, Baalbek, and the secrets of the coming immortals
*Deciphered! The worldwide grid that ties them all together
*Exposed! The occult s countdown calendar for the return of their gods
*Unearthed! Giants, cryptids, and their mysterious connection with gates

For this episode of Beyond Extraordinary, I was delighted and humbled to welcome BOTH authors to the show.  Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam share with us the incredible discoveries that they uncovered while their boots were on the ground across the country, in search of answers and…. On the Path of the Immortals.  As with their previous works, you will find that this book is high on adventure, scientific exploration, academic inquiry, supernatural intrigue and most importantly.. written from a strictly Christian worldview.  You will NOT want to miss this show!

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