To lose weight, support your liver to compensate for metabolic defects

Posted on Dec 23, 2015


toxic liver( Every body is different, comprised of a chemical makeup that determines just how efficiently, or inefficiently, all processes within your cells run.

While this doesn’t lead to an enormous difference between individuals, it does help explain why some tend to put on weight faster than others.

It’s no secret that obesity has been caused by an enormous influx of food and a severe reduction in physical activity. In general, people put on weight because they eat too much, compared to how much they burn. That being said, science is finding that how the body puts on weight varies from person to person based on their genes. Some fitness experts even claim that weight loss is all about reprogramming your genes.

In a recent study published by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, it’s liver enzymes (which are supposed to be largely genetic) that affect how an individual’s body processes fat. Two sets of rats with differing liver abilities were fed two diets – one low in fat and one high in fat. While eating a low percentage of fat, both rat types remained relatively similar weights.

After switching to the high fat diet, the rats with the poor liver enzyme production put on more weight and maintained a higher desire for food. This was due to the body’s inability to use fat as an energy source optimally. Because they weren’t able to metabolize fat as well as the rats with a liver issue, they felt hungrier, resulting in overeating and weight gain.

What does this mean for humans? It means you should do everything you can to optimize liver function so that you burn fat as effectively as possible.

Optimizing liver function should include:

Drinking adequate water
• Drinking alcohol sparingly
• Eating a low sugar diet
• Supporting the liver with the right nutritional supplements

The liver may be the most important weight loss organ. You cannot burn fat, literally, without it. Give it the support it needs.

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